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F2. Salt Reduction (pledge now closed)

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 January, 2012

Marks and Spencer has been working on salt reduction across our range of foods for over 15 years. We were the first retailer to achieve the BRC targets. We have achieved 95% of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) original 2010 voluntary salt targets including many in those categories that are recognised as contributing a large percentage of salt to the diet. We have a small number of products that dont meet the targets in categories such as canned vegetables and fresh and processed cheeses. We are currently working with the supply base to find solutions for this. We have already achieved a significant percentage of the 2012 targets and although we remain confident of meeting more by the end of 2012 there are certain product categories where the salt targets are particualry challenging to achieve due to food safety issues e.g. cured, uncured meats. We are working on a joint BRC/FDF funded group to explore potential technical solutions to overcome these challenges. In the meantime we continue to challenge the salt content across all our food as part of the product development process providing it does not compromise quality, safety or flavour.

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