Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust (The)

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Health at Work

Annual Update:

Submitted: 4 April, 2013

We have updated the wellbeing page on our intranet to include advice for managers and staff on long term conditons, mental health and stress.
Our Managing Attendance workshop was revised and includes more information on chronic conditions.
Our Health, Wellbeing and Attendance Policy was revised to provide further details on supporiting staff with chronic conditions.
Our Trustwide Sickness Review Group continues to review short and long term sickness cases using a case management approach. The group also reviews information on sickness rates and reasons.
We have promoted the self referral to Physio service.
The Trust's wellbeing group reviewed the wellbeing section from our annual staff survey. Recommendations were included in an action plan e.g. revising the stress identifcation tool for individuals and teams, and supporting further stress and resilence workshops for managers.

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