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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 January, 2013

CHCo currently supports the Calorie Reduction pledge in the following ways:Employing a health by stealth approach to some stock ingredients that will have the greatest effect on its customers because of the volume involved. For example: low salt/sugar baked beans and 1%fat milk to replace semi-skimmed milk. Plus using only tinned fruit in juice (where available) as the default product.Working with suppliers to source low-calorie-but-still-tasty new products that will appeal to its customers, especially in the bagged snack category on average reducing calories per bag by 40 or 30%.Reducing portion sizes: working with existing juice supplier to offer a smaller unit of sale, particularly for smoothies, reducing calorie content by 40%.Reducing portion sizes: offering smaller alternative dessert and cake portions to downsize calorie intake, reducing calories by at least a third in line with the size of the portion.Reformulation: by developing a small range of cake recipes for its chefs to use in its restaurants, where the regular ingredients have been replaced with less-calorific alternatives. For example, fruit/veg puree in place of fat. Calories are typically more than halved and the fat content all but eradicated. Highlighting them in terms of where they are placed to allow customers to choose them in preference to other cakes.Using its Wellbeingbeingwell initiative to highlight the more complex carbohydrate ingredients that will keep its customers full up and less inclined to snack between meals e.g. porridgeReformulation: developing a range of calorie counted foods under its Wellbeingbeingwell light label that offer a healthy alterative to other products.Running Wellbeingbeingwell days where customers can get more information about how to balance their intake of proteins and sugars to give a more constant supply of energy across the working day, meaning they will naturally snack less and consume less calories as a resultWorking with Amanda Ursell, top nutritionist to provide accessible information for customersOur target for the next year is toLaunch the Our healthiest cakes ever rangePortion size: develop a range of smaller portioned snack products to help customers will-power and highlight the amount of calories in the larger pack sizes. On average calories will be reduced by 50%, compared to standard pack sizes.Devise a reward scheme for customers who choose to buy from these two ranges, to reward and encourage new habitsLook for and consider other methods of gradually lowering calories.

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