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F6. Fruit and vegetables

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17 February, 2014

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Submitted: 17 February, 2014

Helping our customers reach their 5 a day target is an obvious priority here at Gather & Gather. For many of our customers 2 of their 3 meals a day will be eaten in our restaurants and we therefore have a responsibility to positively influence their choices.

In April 2014 we launch our 5 a day campaign where we provide our restaurants & cafes with stickers and information to label products which meet either 1 or 2 or your 5 a day. Should it prove successful it will continue to run throughout the year. To incentivise teams they will have the chance submit recipes and photo's of full meals they have served which they think may meet 3 of your 5 a day, this can be challenging. Education is key here and we've empowered our managers and supervisors with enough information on "what counts" to make decisions on what to advertise, however any queries they do have will be directed straight to our own Registered Nutritionist.

As a business standard, all of our restaurants offer fresh fruit in bowls and fresh fruit pots form part of our standardized grab & go range. Where meal deals are available fresh fruit will always be available as a snack option and its competitively priced in comparison to those less healthy snacks. Sites with the facilities also offer fresh juices and smoothies which will be marketed as 1 of your 5 a day only.

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