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P1. Physical Activity: Community

Committed since:

28 February, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 28 February, 2014

Dynamic Dudes - Physical Activity Programme Overview

The Food Dudes programme is highly successful in bringing about large and long-lasting changes in children's eating habits. Evidence for its effectiveness is provided by numerous research publications, its successful implementations in the UK and other countries, and very prestigious awards from bodies such as the World Health Organisation. What makes for its unique success is its scientific grounding, which draws on the rapidly growing science of behaviour change. Food Dudes currently incorporates more than 50 behaviour change processes.

Physical Activity
For the past three years we have been designing an intervention, which will increase physical activity, not just in children, but in their parents, and not just at school, but also at home, and other environments.
• The aim is to develop a programme that will include all children in nursery and primary schools, including special schools, the staff of these schools, and families.
• The aim is not just to boost overall activity levels, including intensity, but also to develop balance, coordination, agility, movement and resilience.
• We will ensure that the Dynamic Dudes Programme is integrated with, and supports, existing schemes to promote activity: walking, cycling, swimming etc.
• The scheme will also draw upon and help to deliver the Olympic legacy.
• We recognise that establishing partnerships with Public Health agencies that have responsibility for helping communities engage in physical activity will be the most successful and the most sustainable approach.

In the domain of physical activity, this Programme will be the first of its kind in the world, and do much to ensure that we secure the Olympic legacy. Following its successful trial planned for 2014, the aim of Food Dudes Social Enterprise would be to bring it to children, their families and wider communities across the rest of the UK, and other countries.

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