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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 17 April, 2012

At 3663, we recognise that it is unfortunate, yet inevitable, that occasions will arise whereby employees need our support as they suffer from a long term or chronic medical condition.Support mechanisms to deal with such situations are in place both for those continuing to work and those absent due to their condition. At 3663 we find that open and clear communication is crucial. An initial meeting would be conducted with their line manager and HR representative. Typically, in cases of employee absence, we do this after 4 weeks of absence, but this can be brought forward or delayed dependent upon the situation as it is recognised that treatments or state of mind can often influence.This initial meeting is to establish how the employee is feeling, both physically and mentally, and for us as an employer to understand the impact their condition will have on their working lives and to understand what support they feel is necessary.Support solutions may include adjustments to their work stations, working practices, working hours or locations; it may be having arrangements in place for them to attend appointments or amending our usual attendance management policy. We will also consider any legal implications under the Equality Act, Health and Safety Act and understand their overall capability to fulfil their role.When it comes to financial support, a generous company sick pay scheme is in place and we also offer Occupational Health support as appropriate. Optional benefits including the Westfield Health Care Cash Plan, BUPA and Critical Illness Cover are also available to many employees.If the employee remains unable to attend work, regular meetings take place at either their home or work address to ensure that communication is maintained and we will continue to try and identify helpful adjustments, either on a permanent basis or in the form of a phased return to work.Once adjustments are in place, review meetings will be held to ensure the adjustments remain viable and relevant.Our overall objective is to find a mutually viable solution, something that meets the needs of the business and supports the employees well-being.

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