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A8(a). Alcohol Unit Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 June, 2012

Bibendum has reduced the total units of alcohol it sells to the on trade market in the UK by 1.7 million units in the financial year ending March 2012. It has achieved this reduction primarily through refocusing sales towards lower alcohol products from cooler regions, mainly in the northern hemisphere, and away from the higher alcohol products from the warmer southern hemisphere.Bibendum is making further strides towards unit reduction through new product development and through working very closely with its supplier base around the world.All new Bibendum products created by the companys New Product Development are devised to have lower alcohol levels than the wines they are replacing in the portfolio, thus incrementally helping to reduce the units in the market place.Working with the supply base involves discussing ways that alcohol can be naturally lowered without compromising quality. These include viticulture and vinification factors such as early harvesting, yeast selection and irrigation.Bibendum has instigated robust processes of evaluation in order to monitor further progress towards unit reduction as we move towards the December 2015 deadline.

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