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F9. Salt Reduction 2017

Committed since:

1 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 September, 2014

Salt Reduction 2017
At Cricketer Farm we have been aware of the health concerns and impact that a diet high in salt can have on the health of our consumers, the general public. As a result and in line with those concerns we have a strategy of specialist innovation that, apart from our half fat cheeses, we have developed a reduced salt cheese with 30% less salt (and 50% less fat than standard cheddar) at no cost to the overall taste and traditional cooking functions such as grilling, baking and sauce making. Cricketer Farms Eatwell Half Fat Reduced Salt Cheese not only meets the 2017 targets (average) 1.75g salt or 700 mg sodium but exceeds them considerably at ) 1.3g salt or 480 mg sodium. Our Cheeky Cow Half Fat white and red cheeses are also within the maximum 2017 maximum target of 2g salt or 800 mg sodium at 1.8g salt and 740mg sodium and is testament to our commitment and strategy of developing and producing cheddar cheeses that meet or go a long way to meeting both government and consumer health concerns.
We are committed to the health of our consumers and all our recipes which can be viewed at have no added salt and have been nutritionally analysed by our culinary development and Wellbeing team. Reducing salt in cheese is challenging from a number of issues including food safety as well as development, consumer acceptance and marketing costs. We are committed to reducing salt where we can within our existing products portfolio and will continue to look across our complete range of products as future development and business opportunities allow.
Out of Home Salt Reduction: As a result of our innovation and development we are committed to out of home salt reduction in foodservice and have agreed a long term strategy with one of the worlds largest Out of home foodservice caterers that has seen them committed to the long term use of half fat reduced salt cheese across their business portfolio.

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