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F1. Out of Home Energy (kJ/kcal) Labelling

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 February, 2012

Cricketer Farm is helping to improve access to nutritional information, including calories, in out of home settings through our products being used as ingredients in our own and customer staff restaurants and by building on our own recent product nutritional activity. We therefore provide both our own staff and our customers staff with calorie information for all meals/products served in ours and our customers staff restaurants to help those staff to make healthier choices: Current: 65 people work for Cricketer Farm in theUKand our products are available to thousands of customers both in supermarket and foodservice environments. We recognise the role we can play both as an employer and a manufacturer to help both our staff and customers to live healthy and active lifestyles. Going Forward: We are currently developing an action plan as part of our 'Eat Well' programme through working with our foodservice partners to incorporate nutrition labelling, including calories, for all our cheese based recipes we both provide and recommend for staff restaurant menus and will update on progress in October 2012.

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