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S2. Promoting the Responsibility Deal

Committed since:

17 April, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 25 April, 2014

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) represents the UK food and drink industry; our membership comprises of manufacturers and trade associations dealing with specific sectors of the industry. We have been active participants of the Responsibility Deal since its launch, both as a signatory to five pledges, and by providing information, supporting and advising our members on the different pledges as they develop.

We attend food, physical activity and health at work network meetings to be able to inform our members of all the relevant activities being undertaken. We are most active in the food network; our Director General and the Chair of our Health and Wellbeing Steering Group attend the high level steering group meetings alongside other partners. In addition we have been involved in technical meetings, for example attending the working group meetings for the revised salt targets throughout 2013, as well as obtaining detailed feedback from members to try to ensure final pledges are practical and ones that manufacturing companies could sign-up to.

To ensure our members are informed about the pledges we undertake a range of activities which we will continue to do. These include:

- Updating relevant committee meetings as pledges develop
- Circulating drafts and final versions of pledges to all members who indicate an interest in health and wellbeing, nutrition or corporate affairs
- Writing short non-technical articles on new pledges which are circulated to all members

In addition, we present and have stands at a variety of conferences where we talk about the Responsibility Deal to a wide range of stakeholders. By promoting the contribution of companies to improving public health through the work of the Responsibility Deal to a wide range of stakeholders, we hope to highlight the role of industry and to encourage more companies to sign-up.

Currently we have 34 members signed up to 26 pledges, plus three individual pledges; this equates to 207 commitments.

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