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Physical Activity

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Submitted: 1 August, 2014

Fit For Sport provide employees the opportunity to engage in social physical activity, including staff training days, fundraising opportunities through physical challenges and lunchtime engagement.

Most recently, our CEO was joined by a member of staff to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and a Fit For Sport staff member was chosen to represent the Company for the Diabetes Charity. Employees are encouraged to cycle to work, promote physical activity in Schools and our Activity Camps and represent the company goals / values at all times.

We engage and educate children, teens and families through activity and have been doing so for over 20 years. Fit For Sport work in schools, run activity camps and provide training and consultancy to various key stakeholders / leisure operators on children's activity.This is our core business, and central to everything we do as an organisation.

We work with leisure operators to both consult on children's activity programmes, provide training and consultancy and also run activity programmes in partnership with operators across 55 sites.
We have a number of partners, both in schools and the leisure industry, to promote physical activity for children.Most recently, we launched a partnership with Olympic Park to promote and run its children's activities.

100,000 children are engaged during holidays at Fit For Sport activity camps each year and we have over 250 schools partnerships delivered each week keeping over 50,000 children active.

We also work with Sport England on Engage to Compete, a programme designed to improve activity in schools with a whole school approach to activity and exercise, rather than sport aimed at children who excel, ETC is an engagement activity pilot programme that help schools, staff and children enjoy activity, build a school spirit and prepare for the Sainsbury's School Games.

Year two, which will be announced shortly, will see ETC focus on building activity within the community and linking schools to leisure operators.

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