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A2. Awareness of Alcohol Units in the On-trade

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

The BBPA has undertaken, as part of the association's contribution to the 'alcohol responsibility deal', to develop and promote a customer unit awareness campaign in the on-trade. A number of member companies have also signed up to support the campaign as part of their own individual commitments to the Responsibility Deal. Following agreement with members and Drinkaware, our partner in the campaign, and supported by the Department of Health materials have now been piloted in member estates, and the campaign is ready to roll-out across members' pub estates over the coming months.The BBPA unit awareness materials are available to all pubs and bars at: pub and bar owners and organisations can participate in this initiative in a number of ways, such as displaying the unit awareness message on posters, tent cards, beer mats or in any other ways companies see fit.There are a number of suggested ways for pubs and bars to utilise the new materials:the 'lock-up' (an image with the key messages) can be placed on websites, and used on existing member materials (e.g. at the bottom of product posters, menus etc.). The 'lock-up' is available from the website address above.BBPA bespoke materials consist of posters, tent cards and beer mats. These hi-res graphics can be downloaded from the website address above and used by members to print their own materials.companies are able to use their own branding so there may be a variety but the BBPA have acted to ensure consistency of message.

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