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F5(c). Salt Catering: Procurement

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 14 September, 2012

To ensure that at least 50% of the products we procure meet the Responsibility Deal Salt Targets by the end of 2012 the following measures have been put in place for the effective monitoring and control of this: Our nutritionist works in conjunction with our procurement team and together they will undertake a complete review of all items currently purchased. This process will also largely involve our suppliers.All products which dont meet the targets will be confirmed and subsequently reviewed by not only our Procurement Team and Nutritionist but also our Director of Food.Suppliers will be contacted and asked to reformulate their outstanding products or asked to supply an alternative product.Alternative and reformulated products will then have to be tested for quality purposes which can sometimes be a lengthy process.In November 2012 an analysis of products will be completed to ascertain our percentage compared with year target.New products are regularly sourced to meet client requests and current trends. These products will be identified and cross checked against targets on a monthly basis, the approach to reformulation and alternatives as per the above will be applied to these products also. After a brief analysis already taken place we are confident that this target should be reached by the end of 2012. However in the event that our final analysis in November 2012 shows otherwise we will endeavour to work very close with suppliers for the final two months of 2012 to meet this target. Entire product reviews will continue to be undertaken annually in the latter part of the calendar year to ensure progress can be monitored and reported accurately.

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