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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

24 October, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 October, 2014

Developed by leading behavioural psychologists from Bangor University, the Food Dudes programme has been proven to deliver long lasting changes in children's eating habits.

Our pledge is to continue delivering long lasting increases in fruit and vegetable consumption among Nursery & Primary school aged children who undertake the Food Dudes programme.

Food Dudes is a unique award-winning Healthy Eating programme for children that combines leading behavioural science techniques with fun activities to deliver outcomes that are unrivalled by any other scheme available, by driving a massive increase in Fruit & Vegetable consumption and a reduction in consumption of high fat and sugar foods and snacks.

Food Dudes is a key component of a community-based childhood obesity prevention strategy. As a targeted intervention Food Dudes is:
- High impact
- High feasibility
- Highly cost effective
- Supported by high quality research evidence
- Able to deliver quantifiable outcomes with local results published for each programme

Food Dudes is run by a team of leading academics from Psychology and Healthy Nutrition backgrounds and the design of the programmes is underpinned by rigorous research that is used to continually inform the running and delivery of the schemes.

The programmes are available to all Primary Schools, Nurseries/Child Centres/Kindergarten and Special Schools with the content being tailored to meet the individual needs of each.

For more information about the programme please visit our website
and to learn about our research evidence please visit our publications section:

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