George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

28 February, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 28 February, 2014

The Trust delivers training to its workforce and managers in the form of :

- general training for staff on mental health awareness - making every contact count;
- manager specific training developed with support from the organisation's psychology service on stress identification and management.

Wellbeing and mental health interventions
- The Trust undertakes a programme of identification of hotspot areas in relation to sickness and ill health with a particular focus on health.
- Psychological support has been provided and continues to be provided in departments where there is an identified issue or critical incident involving staff.
- The Trust has close links with the Nuneaton and Bedworth foodbank and enables staff to volunteer in this area
- The Trust is part of the Give and Gain initiative in 2014 enabling staff to get involved with volunteering projects and enabling volunteers to undertake projects within the Trust;

Reasonable adjustment
-The Trust makes a whole range of adjustments to the work environment and organisation of work to support mental health issues

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