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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

Elior UK is a leading national contract caterer, providing a variety of catering services to workplaces, schools, care homes, retail outlets, sports stadia and hertitage sites, and employing approximately 10,000 staff including casual labour.Most of our staff have the opportunity to eat in their place of work, and all sites are committed to making healthier eating commonplace.A range of healthier drinks is available at all sites and water is freely available to staff. reformulation is taking place of many of the pre-prepared higher fat, salt and energy dishes. Artificial trans fats have ben removed from most procured foods. Many of our recipes are being modified to reduce the fat, salt and energy content. Fruit, vegetables and salads are available at most sites. At some sites there is calorie and GDA labelling on a wide range of foods, including pre-packaged sandwiches.We have a full staff restaurant at our main site and also have some light meals and snacks available at our head office. We are already providing healthier beverages, including water which is freely available, sugar free drinks and fruit juices. Fresh fruit is freely available at our head office as a snack for all staff. The sandwiches and salads available have nutrition information on pack.We will continue to be committed to healthier eating and continue to improve the fat, salt and energy content of our pre-prepared dishes as well as home-made recipes.We will expand the number of dishes with calorie and other nutrient labelling to meet client demand.All artificial trans fats should be removed form procured foods in the near future.

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