Lancashire Sport Partnership

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P1. Physical Activity: Community

Committed since:

5 August, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 18 December, 2014

As a County Sports Partnership, the key roles of our organisation include key components of this pledge. As an organisation we are committed to enabling 55,000 people in Lancashire to be active by 2017.
On a daily basis, our team works with local partners from the public, private and voluntary sector, to support and promote opportunities for local residents to engage in sport and physical activity. In addition, we deliver a number of projects ourselves including Positive Together, Challenge Through Sport Initiative & Satellite Clubs, that also proactively engage a variety of participants in a range of sport and physical activity initiatives.
Key to our support, is the continual engagement of local communities in the development of these opportunities through our partners, and also the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the Lancashire sport and physical activity offer on participation levels through the Active People Survey, and locally through the JSNA work we are involved with.
As a workplace, we support our staff to be physically active and engage in sport during lunch breaks and after work, with a fully integrated flexible working policy, and a number of different activities taking place including a running and table tennis club.
Through our work for Sport England, we ensure that national initiatives, campaigns and events are promoted at a Lancashire level including London 2012, Change4Life and This Girl Can. At our annual Sports Awards event, we actively promote the positive impact that sport and physical activity has in our County, through categories that recognise the contribution that individuals, groups, clubs and organisations have on those who participate in their particular sport or physical activity.
Operating in a particularly diverse area of the country, we are also committed to using creative forms of engagement, to ensure that sport and physical activity opportunities, are truly an option to everyone in our local communities.

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