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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

5 August, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 10 December, 2014

As a County Sports Partnership, a key role of the organisation is to promote, utilize and champion, evidence and best practice relating to sport and physical activity. We are striving to enable 55,000 people in Lancashire to be active by 2017 through a variety of evidenced and currently being evaluated methods.
Promotion of evidence and best practice includes the dissemination and use of the Chief Medical Officer's physical activity guidelines, and more recently since published, the Public Health England Everybody Active Every Day report which includes the guidelines. We promote this guidance to all of our partners which include educational settings, health and social care providers and commissioners, local authority leads, third sector representatives, national governing bodies, local clubs, and community sports providers amongst others.
We include this information generally in meetings, as part of informative presentations, in funding bid applications, via our website, and through our digital media promotions (social media campaigns, newsletters and email circulars).
We are also a key partner in our local Physical Activity Network which is involved in the development and organisation of local events to promote physical activity strategy and best practice.
In addition, we are part of the County Sports Partnership Network and their national P2 pledge which utilizes our promotion vehicles such as social media and our website, to promote the physical activity guidelines as widely as possible.

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