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F8. Saturated Fat Reduction

Committed since:

26 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 11 November, 2013

We will continue to use and build on the use of semi skimmed milks for our core production of 50% fat reduction cheese both meeting and exceeding government health targets. We are currently working with major multiples to increase the sale of half at cheese through our Cheeky Cow Half Fat brand and In 2012 Cricketer farm reduced saturated fat consumption by over 250 tons across its range of cheeses and will continue to build on this.

We will advise businesses to switch to lower saturated fat cheese for hot cooking and deli style sandwich / wrap recipes switching from full fat Cheddar to half fat (50%). In Foodservice new business partnerships such as with Compass - Group UK to introduce Half Fat Low Salt Cheese to its foodservice business will allow chefs to cook with half fat cheese but still achieve the same quality as with full fat cheddar but considerably reduce the amount of saturated fat and salt consumed by their customers. The half fat and half fat low salt cheese has been endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Development of new lower saturated fat options:
We will continue to work on lower saturated fat options by listening and reacting to both government and consumer requests. Our recent work has included a new half fat low sodium/salt cheese with 50% less fat than standard cheddar and 30% less sodium.

Changing the Balance of Menus:
We will work closely with multiples and foodservice customers to provide nutritionally analysed menus that are closely linked to fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit and are actively developing food concepts that meet these requirements

Activity intended to inform and educate consumers to making healthier choices:
We will provide information on appropriate portion sizes, healthier food choices and balanced diet through our new "Cheeky Cow" brand to highlight the 50% fat reduction as against full fat cheddar. This will be undertaken via a range of marketing initiatives both in food service and retail.

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