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F8. Saturated Fat Reduction

Committed since:

26 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 18 March, 2014

Compass Group UK and Ireland are actively working towards reducing the amount of saturated fat we provide to our customers. This pledge links very closely with the calorie reduction pledge, and for this reason some of the areas that we are working on will be the same as those detailed in the delivery plans for that pledge. We will;

1. Work to reformulate mainstream products/ingredients, including:
- 1% fat milk
- Introduction of Flora Buttery to replace butter
- Reduced fat mayonnaise in all appropriate recipes
- Where possible substitute butter with margarine
- Reduce the amount of red meat in our recipes
- Use rapeseed oil as standard when cooking
This will be ongoing development.

2. Reengineer our recipes and amend cooking methods as follows:
- Pastry recipes to just include ‘lids’ where appropriate
- Skimming and draining fat from foods and recipes
- Review existing recipes to reduce fat levels where appropriate
- Reinforce our nutrition training for all chefs

3. Development of lower saturated fat recipes to market to our customers as a ‘healthier choice’. We will create a bank of recipes for all sites to utilise and make available daily for our customers.

4. Portion size reduction
• Across appropriate sites and ranges of recipes

5. Incentivising consumers to choose healthier options
• Promotions around our ‘healthier choice’

6. Activity intended to inform and education consumers towards making healthier choices
• Nutrition education through our Know Your Food marketing platform

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