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A6. Advertising & Marketing Alcohol

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

First Drinks are the UK's leading distributor of premium spirits and as we take responsible marketing extremely seriously. Prior to the Responsibility Deal we had already produced a responsible marketing code booklet which all marketing employees are required to familiarise themselves with, and apply for their respective brands in every area from advertising, to sampling to sponsorship and in store promotion. This code is issued to each and every new employee who joins our marketing team, as part of a "1 to 1" induction presentation on responsible marketing. A copy of the code is available for interested parties to review; it covers the following:-1.Legal compliance. 2.Responsible consumption. 3.Underage drinking. 4.Tastings and sampling. 5.Websites. 6.Sponsorships. 7.Alcohol content. 8.Drinking and driving. 9.Social and sexual success. 10.Alcohol and health 11.Offensive communications. With regard to advertising we work with reputable media agencies including John Ayling and associates, who ensure that they do not buy any outdoor media sites within 100 metres of a school location (this has been standard policy prior to the Resposibility Deal in fact). In terms of packaging and labelling we adhere to Portman Group guidelines in ensuring our packs are clearly labelled as alcoholic including communication of the strength; that they are never designed in such a way as to appeal to those under 18, and that they are sold via responsible and reputable retailers and wholesalers. We have several hundred different packs in our business, and we are refreshing all of the rear labels to ensure the following:-A) inclusion of a responsible drinking message. B) inclusion of the url. C) government chief medical officers recommended limits. D) UK units per serve or container. E) pregnancy advice or logo. We aim to complete the entire portfolio before the December 2013 deadline expires. In all of our advertising we use characters who are over the age of 25 (and appear so). In addition they must be visualised in responsible settings where moderate consumption is encouraged, and serves are seen to be in line with guidelines.

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