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A5. Support for Drinkaware

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

First Drinks make a financial contribution to Drinkaware, at a level which has been maintained since the commencement of the 5 year "Campaign for Smarter Drinking". This is a five figure sum paid in two six monthly instalments annually. In addition to this we provide "benefit-in-kind" support on printed promotional material, examples of which have been submitted to the Drinkaware team since the first year of the campaign; our most significant investment on broadcast media has been to include the "Why let good times go bad?" logo on the break bumpers to our Grant's Scotch ITV sponsorship of "Piers Morgan", and for our Russian Standard Vodka Campaign which aired during the European Champions League final and delivered one of the years biggest TV audiences of the year. The Drinkaware theme has been further developed in off trade multiples with presence on display units for "summer drinks", one of our biggest seasonal trading periods for premium spirits, outside of Christmas. The Drinkaware logo appeared on 5,000 cocktail booklets produced for the on trade, and was supported by other material carrying the logo. An insert was produced in the Tesco June/July in store magazine which carried the "Why let good times go bad?" logo on 1,250,000 copies nationally.Within our own business we now carry out inductions for new employees across the marketing team to ensure they understand the CSR agenda and the role of Drinkaware in the industry.We are adding the url to all of our pack labels as they come up for refresh.Via our company intranet we have created a link to "My Drinkaware" so that employees can get more information on their own drinking habits and how to ensure they moderate their own consumption in line with Government guidelines.We regularly attend Drinkaware forums and annual conference to support and keep up to date with latest industry thinking.

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