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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

22 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 10 April, 2014

The Ministry of Justice believes that everyone has the right to a life free from violence, abuse or assault in any form. Our guidance, relaunched in November 2013, provides information and support for staff experiencing domestic violence. It provides guidance for their managers and colleagues to support them at work and in dealing with perpetrators. This information is easily accessible to all staff on the MOJ intranet.

If a member of staff tells their manager or a colleague they are experiencing domestic violence a personal safety and support plan is drawn up covering contact, working and security arrangements, safe travel, communication and personal safety.

Staff have 24/7 access to Workplace Support Services with advice and assistance through their Helpline, including details of local specialist organisations providing assistance, counselling and access to the free legal helpline, if required.

MOJ have run awareness sessions on mental health and DV, presented by the Charity for Civil Servants. Staff are able to access the Charity which provides information and advice for anyone looking to leave an abusive relationship, what they can do once they are out of it, and how they might be able to seek legal redress against the person who has been harming them.

- MOJ will continue to raise awareness of the issues surrounding domestic violence and the policies available to support staff facing domestic violence.
- MOJ will review guidance to ensure it continues to meet requirements.

MOJ is committed to providing greater protection to victims of all forms of violence and has a keen interest in the cross-Govt action plan A Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls, and in ensuring that its commitments and obligations under it are fulfilled.

The Action Plan for 2014/15 was published on 8 March and can be accessed by clicking the following link

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