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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 22 December, 2011

Physical activity is one of the 8 strands to our employee wellbeing programme (the others being Nutrition, Personal Safety, Financial Health, Giving Back, Personal Development, Support Advice Flexibility).In 2010 we introduced themed activity kits (e.g.: Spring into Spring and Summer Sports Day) containing sports equipment and information. These are delivered directly to restaurants and offices to inspire employees to participate in physical activity, try new sports, and help build teamwork within restaurantsWe repeated this in 2011 and supported it by running a competition on our intranetTo further support this initiative, we partnered with gyms and fitness centres across the UK to provide significant savings on membership fees for employees via the employee discount portal on creation of a football-themed activity kit in 2010 prompted a massive increase in the number of teams entering the McDonalds Cup, a UK-wide 5-a-side football tournament exclusively for the companys employees. The finals are held at Wembley Stadium and following the roll-out of the football activity kit entries rose from 240 teams in 2009 to 650 teams in 2010.We know that our people already do a lot of physical activity as part of their jobs, the majority of whom are restaurant based and are on their feet most of the time.As part of our apprenticeship programme, we asked apprentices to use a pedometer to record their daily step counts, the average of which was 11,700 above the recommended 10,000 per day.In the office, employees can also access the same advice via ourlounge and join in in operations facing initiatives such as activity kits. •We also have a gym on site and subsidise its membership to encourage office employees to stay fit and active.During 2011 we ran an initiative with a partner organisation, the Global Corporate Challenge which sees teams, virtually attempting to walk around the world over a 16 week period by entering their daily stepcount onto a website.Each day, each McDonalds participant took on average 13,016 steps which equates to 5.18 miles this significantly above average for the rest of the challenge and in total equates to 4.4 times around the circumference of the earth.After the GCC, participants on average rated their overall health as 10% higher than before the challenge:88% of people reported increases in their overall health72% reported increases in energy levels50% reported increases in the quality of their sleep34% reported an increase in their ability handle stress36% reported a loss in weight average weight loss was 3.1kg

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