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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 6 January, 2012

Astrazeneca participates in the Global Corporate Challenge.Starting from a base of 47 teams, each of 7 members, in 2008, there was a target set to increase participation year on year.As Astrazeneca is a global company teams consist of particpants who work in very many countries.In 2011, Astrazeneca fielded 776 teams, of 7, a total of 5,432 employees.Walk steps were 6,728,995,269Bike steps - 241,472,295Swim steps 58,094,553Total steps 7,028,562,117Distance covered in miles 2,795,101This equates to walking around the world 112.2 timesDaily step average in Astrazeneca 12,927Average distance per day 5.14 milesAverage energy burnt each day 521 caloriesThe positive changes reported were by participants :88% - an improvement in overall health70% - an improvement in daily energy levels44% - an improvement in quality of sleep49% - an increase in the ability to handle stress40% - a (welcome) loss in weightIn addition94% - reported an overall positive impact on travel behaviour78% - chose to take the stairs more often32% - reported that they walked to work more than usual60% - reported that they took more walks at lunchtime63% - that they encouraged family and friends to walk more often and43% - reported a decrease in car use and finally,our employees reported the following positive changes :73% - an increase in morale in the office54% - a positive impact on team working47% - an increase in their engagement at work52% - an increase in their job satisfaction47% - an improvement in productivity and32% taking fewer 'sick days'In 2012 we hope to increase participation again. The executive team took part in 2011, the board is interested in participation in 2012.

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