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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

Kraft Foods has embedded the principles of the Chronic Conditions Guide through its existing occupational health and HR processes for example:It is generally better to be at work We support our employees to get back to work through our occupational health programme. There is full compliance with principles contained in the Equality Act 2010 in terms of the requirement to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace for employees with a known disability.Where appropriate, the OH team also encourages employees with chronic health conditions to make contact with the Governments Access to Work scheme. This Government scheme provides support and part-funding towards the cost of workplace modifications or equipment that may be required in order for an employee with a disability to remain gainfully employed. For example, a mobility scooter may be helpful to an employee who needs to work at various locations on a large site but has difficulty walking.Understanding employee needs We have computerised medical records with specialised occupational health software which allows the OH team to track an employees health and well-being and records any periods of sickness absence.Taking the lead and getting the balance right There is close collaboration between the OH team and HR in the management of employees with chronic conditions.During periods of prolonged sickness absence, employees with chronic conditions are reviewed regularly by the OH team. Return to work programmes (often on reduced hours and, if necessary, on modified duties) are agreed with the employee concerned HR and line management are also involved in this process in order to ensure a smooth transition and employees progress is monitored by regular review appointments with the OH team.Clear communications and keeping in touch Employees with chronic conditions are usually seen on at least an annual basis by a member of the OH team to ensure there are no new or emerging issues that need to be addressed in order to support such employees in the workplace.Future plansKraft Foods UK existing programme supports employees with chronic conditions, managing each one on an individual basis according to their needs. We will keep abreast of changes of legislation in the field and implement them to our programme as necessary. We will also seek to communicate this pledge to senior leaders to ensure their teams are aware of the policies in the area.

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