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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 18 February, 2013

The steps Matrix Chambers will take to meet this pledge are:1. 1st week of May Organisational Report on sickness absence rate and staff turnover will be produced by the Chief Operating Officer and then reviewed by the Senior Management Team.- Sickness absence rate to be calculated using the number of days lost per year due to sickness absence expressed as the percentage of the working days available for the staff team in that period showing retrospective data for 3 years. We will also endeavour to collect data on the illness type trends if possible.- Staff turnover will be calculated by looking at the annual turnover of permanent staff expressed as percentage of people leaving the business in a year showing retrospective data for multiple years. Reasons for leaving will also be explored.2. Flexible working arrangements to be discussed in relation to improving staff health and wellbeing.3. Staff survey on participation and job satisfaction will be conducted in 2013. The responses will be analysed and suggested actions taken to improve health at work where possible and proportionate.4. We continue to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle with the aim of reducing staff absences due to sickness by providing: fresh fruit and healthy snacks to all staff members, convenient access to filtered water, a variety of alternatives to tea and coffee (e.g. fruit teas, juice), advice on nutrition and a healthy diet, and tips on physical exercises to do at your desk to encourage continuous movement and avoid aches and pains.

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