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A5. Support for Drinkaware

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

Molson Coors is an original founder supporter of Drinkaware and is fully committed to its ongoing development. We have committed to directly invest £1million over three years and to support raising awareness of Drinkaware. For example, the Drinkaware website is highlighted in all our beer brands' packaging.As we have the UK's best selling lager with Carling, we are also able to use Carling marketing activities to substantially increase awareness of both Drinkaware and the Why let good times go bad? campaign.For example, through the Carling Cup Final, we arranged for the Drinkaware logo to appear on perimeter boards throughout the match. This resulted in Drinkaware messaging being seen by 90,000 fans at the match and resulted in a 75% increase in unique visitors to as part of this year's Why let good times go bad?campaign, Carling ensured the logo was featured across all its packaging. Using the Drinkaware agreed media calcaultion, this alone equated to over £100,000 of media value.In addition to this work, we are also committed to supporting the ongoing development of Drinkaware as an organisation while also ensuring it maintains its independence. Our CEO is a member of the Drinkaware council and colleagues from public affairs and marketing are actively involved in Drinkaware project teams.

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