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Health at Work

Annual Update:

Submitted: 14 April, 2015

Firstly concerning our employees, having modified the trial health clinic based on feedback from the trials we have staged several more health clinics for the benefit of our staff last year.
The value of the Occupational Health Surveillance has provided interesting data on what else could be tested for.
The initial self-assessment across a number of subjects that included respiratory, sight, hearing, HAVS, musculoskeletal to name but a few indicated that:

A number of people have had respiratory reactions in the workplace but not been tested
A high percentage of employees confirmed that they had been exposed to potential asbestos during their careers
A number of people had been subjected to heavy noise but not had a hearing test during their career
Therefore, the above information leads us to believe that offering full hearing test and lung function tests within the health check programme might be a popular move.
In addition the fact that so many people opted for the additional prostate test proves there is an appetite for testing within the programme.

Secondly, concerning our supply chain, we are promoting the health of the worker by targetting 'dust'. In order of risk, we have made contact with those sub-contractors who create the most dust and the most harmful dusts by getting hold of their dust reduction/face fit testing policies. Our priority has been with those sub-contractors with whom we carry out most of our work (preferred contractors) and starting with the 'strip out' contractors and those contractors who use powered wood working machines. We now are progressing with other sub-contractors and agency labour and where necessary are training our own employees to carry out face-fit testing.

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