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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 July, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 October, 2014

MOD policies and procedures have been updated to include the principles of the chronic conditions guide. This is easily accessible to staff and ensures the management of chronic conditions is captured and reflected in guidance in the following areas:

- Reporting and Managing Sick
- Managing Long Term Sick Absence
- Working patterns and Leave
- Keeping in Touch Scheme
- Managing Patterns of Work
- Special Leave and Absence
- Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace and guidance on the provision of specialist equipment where needed.

The MOD Occupational Health service supports employees with any health related issues or concerns. A referral to this service may be made either personally or by a manager. The occupational health provider will advise on an employee’s health condition and how this impacts on their ability to effectively conduct their work duties.

Line Managers are responsible for supporting employees who are returning to work after injury or illness. A referral to the Occupational Health provider may be considered and support may be in the form of a rehabilitation programme to aid their recovery and transition back into work. As such, the Department works closely with its Occupational Health provider to better assist line managers when providing longer term support for individuals managing chronic health conditions.

Other sources of support, advice and guidance that ensure those with chronic conditions are considered, include:

- Healthcare advice to improve fitness at work
- Health surveillance for those in high risk areas
- Advice and guidance for staff with disabilities including provision of suitable equipment.

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