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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

27 September, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 May, 2015

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables in a number of different ways. The Kitchen Garden Project, a set of resources that empowers primary school teachers to engage children in growing and learning about fruits and vegetables is currently running in over 245 schools across the UK with the aim to be in 1,500 schools by the end of 2015. We also have a community-based cookery programme, the Ministry of Food, with four centres and numerous outreach projects in the UK, and four centres and two food trucks in Australia. The programme teaches adults the basic cooking skills and nutrition they need to give them the confidence to cook from scratch and make better food choices. The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation provides nutrition messaging and resources to the Ministry of Food staff to ensure they’re teaching nutrition accurately.

The Fifteen Apprentice Programme is a social enterprise that gives unemployed young people the training they need to become professional chefs. The programme began with Fifteen restaurantsin London, and has franchises in Cornwall and Amsterdam, where we aim to make sure that all children’s dishes are exemplary in terms of nutrition. The restaurants also offer at least two of a child’s five a day on their menu.

At Jamie Oliver HQ, we offer free fruit to staff on a daily basis and have produced fun and engaging nutritional resources to teach both children and adults about nutrition and the benefits of fruits and vegetables. The resources are available through Jamie Oliver Food Foundation programming.

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