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H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 17 January, 2014

The Trust has a smoke free policy, forbidding patients and visitors to smoke on site. This extends to the use of electronic cigarettes and supports recent NHS and NICE guidance which was published on 27th November 2013. The Trust pledges to ensure this policy is kept up to date and is promoted during 2014.

This policy also includes support contacts for stop smoking services including advisors they can access who also offer remuneration for smoking cessation product. The Trust also has both Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme services which provide information on stopping smoking. We pledge to ensure that we regularly promote these services using our internal communication bulletins and to be supportive to individuals who express an interest in stopping smoking.

The Trust’s Health and Wellbeing Group take the lead in ensuring the Trust participates in national stop smoking campaigns. The Trust pledges to ensure that it supports Stoptober, national no smoking day, asthma awareness week, lung cancer awareness month and any other campaigns that may be applicable. This also extends to regularly raising awareness of the benefits of stopping smoking include health benefits, the cost of smoking, sickness levels etc.

The Trust Health and Wellbeing Group also promotes healthy lifestyles via health promotion and campaigns which reduces risks to respiratory health issues. The Trust pledges to ensure this is a regular agenda item in its meetings. It also pledges to support staff to get out of air-conditioned offices and into the outdoor environment where possible by supporting physical activity. The Trust is in the process of developing walking routes and making available outdoor seating for lunch and breaks.

The above pledge has also been included in our Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2013 – 2015 to ensure a continual commitment throughout 2014 and beyond.

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