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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

24 November, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 4 February, 2015

DECC is committed to promoting the welfare of all our employees and to support and assist any staff member who is experiencing domestic violence and abuse. We have been working hard to raise awareness of domestic violence and develop a workplace culture where it is recognised as being unacceptable and taken seriously.

In terms of current support, DECC has guidance on domestic violence on the staff intranet. This guidance provides information on resources staff may use if they have concerns about domestic violence issues and identifies support services offered by DECC’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). In November 2014, DECC’s Women’s Network launched in-house guidance for DECC employees who are suffering from domestic violence. The guidance was developed in partnership with The Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence and the Department of Health and covers key information in the area.

In 2015, the department will be working closely with the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (with whom we became members in January 2015). We are currently working with them on the development of the delivery plan to support the pledge. We aim to publish the action plan by the end of the financial year. We also aim to establish a support group of volunteers from across the department to ensure that anyone who wishes to discuss domestic violence issues affecting them may do so confidentially and in person.

We have also consulted with our new EAP provider to ensure that the new 2015 offering has robust and meaningful support on domestic violence for our staff. That new offering will be launched in March 2015. DECC also aims to host an event aimed at promoting the elimination of violence against women during 2015.

We know that signing the pledge will mean more than just letting our staff know what is currently available. Our commitment will help to ensure that our staff have the full support mechanisms they need to help them should they experience domestic violence.

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