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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

12 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 11 November, 2013

Health & Wellbeing Report
We will include a section on the health and wellbeing of employees within HR /OD annual reports and/or on our intranet site

We will record our attendance rate and actively manage this as an organisation against proactive intervention, offered and facilitated for employees to access

We will report on all health promotion and wellbeing programs, initiatives, proactive services, activities and interventions facilitated and or funded

We will report on employee uptake of above and benefits realised in terms of staff satisfaction and value to them as an employee

We will attempt to draw links between positive early intervention and proactive approaches to improving the level of overall health and reduce costs associated with ill healthy and absence.

What does it set out to achieve?

To raise the profile of employee health and wellbeing and ensure it becomes an integral concept within NHS England

To promote the value and benefit attached to staff wellbeing in terms of staff satisfaction, experience and subsequently service delivery.

To promote the value in accurate reporting of supporting and managing attendance at work.

How will we achieve it?

- To contribute to human capital development projects setting a focus on staff health and wellbeing as one of the key measures

- Include the report / reports within HR/OD briefs, Partnership Forum updates.

- Other relevant organisational reports, financial statements or annual accounts

- Publish the report / reports on the intranet

- To share findings / outcomes with the National Health and Wellbeing forum - NHS System leads

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