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H2. Occupational Health Standards

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 26 April, 2013

Cornwall Council are currently working towards SEQOHS accreditation. In November 2012 Lorna Richards (OHN) attended a SEQOHS training event which was organised by the SEQOHS team at the Faculty of Occupational Medicine within the Royal College of Physicians in London. The information provided included the high deferral rates which shows the high standards of practice and the most common areas in which applications fail.

A gap analysis was carried out in Dec 2012 in order to understand what was needed for Cornwall Council to attain SEQOHS accreditation. With the insight taken from the training event, Lorna has compiled a table of failure areas which shows departmental responsibilties for various standards across clinical, admin and HSW management teams.

An action plan has been created which will allow for the application to be submitted in December 2013. The action plan provides individual responsibilities and timeframes.

Health, Safety and wellbeing policies are currently being reviewed along with health surveillance measures. Evidence collation is ongoing and the team are awaiting their assessment date.

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