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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

9 May, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 13 August, 2013

Current Activity:

•We have been a Mindful Employer signatory since 2010 and have completed a review of Mindful Employer charter commitments.. We provide Mindful Employer Guides for managers and staff on managing stress, anxiety and depression, including guidance for line managers on making reasonable adjustments when appropriate.

•In 2011 we signed up to the ‘Time to Change’ campaign to end mental health stigma and discrimination.

•We hold annual mental health awareness weeks to coincide with World Mental Health day, which includes talks from Mindful Employer; promotion of Department of Health top 5 tips for mental health; 'myth busting' with Time to Change mental health myths and facts quiz.

•We offer an employee assistance programme, Care First, who provide 24/7 telephone support and face to face counselling.

•We run Mental First Aid training for staff. Over 250 staff have attended MHFA since 2010.

•We offer a fast track face-to-face counseling service for staff with referral via an Occupational Health Consultant .

•We offer resources to support staff on our staff intranet, including a range of well being pages with external links, for example to online CBT Moodgym.

•We offer weekly drop-in staff meditation sessions at lunchtimes

•We run a monthly staff group , “It’s Not Just You”, supporting mental and emotional resilience for staff, with a psychiatric liaison specialist and HR involvement

Future Plans:

1.To review the Trust’s Managing Long Term Sickness Procedure: plans to expand section on mental health and embed/and refer to DH public responsibility guidance on reasonable adjustments - by September 2013

2. The annual mental health awareness week in October 2013 will promote resilience and mental health awareness with workshops e.g. Tai Chi sessions, meditation and sessions on reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

3..Further promotion of Mindful Employer resources

5.Evaluation of the in-house staff counseling pilot scheme in October 2013

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