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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 February, 2013

The NHS Constitution (2009) sets out four pledges to staff to support the wider vision that good workplace practice affirms, involves and empowers staff to enhance the patient experience.The four pledges were detailed in our 2011/12 Annual report along with examples of Areas where the Trust supported each pledge.1/ providing staff with rewarding jobs2/ Personal development and training3/ Staff health and well being4/ Staff engagement and consultation We offer a full range of Occupational Health and well-being services which contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the organisation, by enhancing staff performance and morale through reducing ill health, absence and accidents.The occupational health department has focused on providing information on various health related topics and activities, by acting as a signpost for staff to obtain information. This has been achieved through the establishment of a health and well- being section on the Trust's intranet, various electronic communications and newsletter articles. Lunch and learn sessions continue to be popular as they give employees a good opportunity to look at various topics that are conducive to good health.Health and well being activities and achievements will again be listed in the 2012/13 Annual Report.Sickness absence figures are also detailed in the report and the Trust has recently updated its sickness absence policy, which details the procedures for the recording and management of both long-term and short-term sickness. For the recording and management of sickness the Trust uses the Bradford score.

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