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H6. Staff Health Checks

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 9 May, 2012

We are committed to promoting and maintaining the wellbeing and good health of our workforce by:Continuing to offer three-yearly wellbeing medicals to our staff. These medicals include tests for cholesterol and diabetes, Body Mass Index, pulse, lung function, vision and cardiovascular risk calculation. The medicals are provided in the workplace during normal working hours in order to encourage take up.Making blood pressure testing kits available on our sites and in our offices to provide all members of our staff with the opportunity to test their own blood pressure on a regular basisProviding a monthly wellbeing clinic at our Head Office in Maidenhead. Staff will be able to either make appointments in advance with our nurse or have a consultation during the drop in clinic which will be available in the middle of the day. Although the clinic will be available predominantly for Head Office staff, personnel based on sites in the local area will also be able to take advantage of this facility.Providing all our employees (and their partners or family members who reside with them) with free access to an Employee Assistance Programme which provides advice on all aspects of mental and physical health and wellbeing. This is available by means of a 24/7 telephone helpline and face to face counselling service as well as an on-line portal. The portal provides a wealth of information including Fitness2live which offers employees the opportunity to undergo an on-line heath assessment in addition to having access to weight loss, fitness and lifestyle plans and advice.

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