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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

15 August, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 August, 2013

As part of Land Registrys Health, wellbeing and attendance strategy we will continue to promote and increase physical activity in the workplace:

This will be achieved through:

1. Health and wellbeing committees working with local social and sports committes to offer opportunities for physical activity in the workplace including provision of on site gyms at some locations, wide variety of exercise classes including yoga, pilates, zumba, running and walking groups, tai chi.

2. Through our departmental social and sports committee the running of an annual sports day encouraging staff to take part.

3. Launch and promotion of the Cycle to Work Scheme in July 2013.

4. Participation in Charity for Civil Servants Virtual Walking Challenge to encourage staff to make walking a habit and to build on Land Registrys success as top participating department in 2012 by increasing numbers of participants.

5. Running of departmental physical activity challenge in September 2013 based on British heart Foundation "be active, stay active" challenge to encourage staff to increase levels of activity based on recommended physical activity guidelines.

6. Participating in the Civil Service Physical Activity Challenge for the 2nd year by submitting activity levels during sample week in September.

7. provision of information and news articles via health and wellbeing pages on internal intranet promoting the benefits of physical activity.

8. supporting and promoting nationally run awareness days/weeks such as Walk to work week

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