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P5. Physical Activity Inclusion

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

The Great Outdoor Gyms Company (TGO) gyms are barrier free. They are free at the point of use, accessible and can be used by all ages and abilities. NHS Camden and global research company Nielson surveys have shown that TGO gyms are getting the most hard to reach groups active from women, young people, ethnic minorities and those inactive sedentary groups. To access the studies go to TGO is going to further strengthen its links to GPs and public health authorities to get the most inactive patients referred to TGO gyms. TGO gyms can offer the NHS a great gateway to fitness for the most inactive groups. TGO is the only gym provider who has adopted the playground safety standards making the gyms accessible and safer for all ages. TGO will look at how it can further improve the design and layout of its gyms to compliment the physical activity guidelinesTimescale: February 2012 Status: Designs in progressTask: TGO will approach all GP surgeries and PCTs to offer them a special gym packageTimescale: March 2012Status: PendingTask: TGO will circulate best practise from our work with Camden NHS and Hull CC Timescale: March 2012 Status: Pending

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