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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 30 January, 2012

Compass (andthe Restaurant Associatesdivisionwithin Compass that Lloyds Banking Groups restaurants sit within) are already a signatory of the Responsibility Deal.They are well on track to deliver against the three food pledges within Compass Group, these pledge updates are listed below;Providing calorie information for food for our customers Over the next yearCompass willbe rolling out nutritional labelling across the business in the form of Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs), so the product shall now be accompanied by a label showing salt, sugar, fat, saturated fat and calorie content. Salt reduction targets Compass are on track to reduce our salt reduction targets by the end of 2011. Removal of artificial trans fats from our supply chain Compass are on track to remove all trans fats by the end of 2011.In addition to the progress with the pledges,Compass have taken the following action within the Lloyds estate;Introduced 1% milk to the coffee estate. One in three sales are coffee, therefore this can make a sizeable difference. The Lloyds product range ensures that a healthy option is always available to consumers. Healthy products have been price frozen since the ONE mobilisation and during two separate tariff reviews. Include specific healthy products within the marketing promotions e.g. promotional price and meals deals. Include a healthy option within our popular"Hero" products e.g. Burger Meal Deals includes a Turkey burger option. Summer marketing campaign included salad promotions with full GDA information. Table talkers were also used to explain GDAs in detail to raise consumer awareness. Scottish sites have been successful in becoming reaccredited with the Healthy Living award. (Awards ceremony is being held 3rd October) Introduced The Source menu planning technology to ensure that all food produced on site is consistent across all sites within the estate; this lays the foundation for nutritional analysis.

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