McNicholas Construction Services Ltd

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H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Committed since:

21 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 10 December, 2013

Our pledge will be to continue to provide an occupational health service to our work force that meets the relevant occupational health standards, eg SEQOHS and to proactively manage our employees’ physical and mental health with the benefit of improving our sickness absence record, increasing productivity, reducing lost time due to accidents and improving staff engagement. We will also work to encourage our sub-contractors and supply chain to implement and improve good health and wellbeing in their own workforces.

The generic success of the Occupational Health initiatives we already have in place are included in our Annual Sustainability Report, but it is our intention to develop this further and report on the results of specific health assessment criteria, health trends across all parts of the business and the initiatives we intend to implement to drive improvement. This reflects our culture of transparency, our pledges to the Public Health Responsibility Deal, continual improvement and Board Room commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

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