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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

4 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 27 November, 2013

We will raise awareness of current guidelines on recommended levels of physical activity. We will communicate to employees and their families information on the Chief Medical Officer’s revised physical activity guidelines set out in Start Active, Stay Active: a report on physical activity from the four home countries'.

Children and young people should be getting at least 60 minutes moderate to vigourous intensity physical activity every day. This should include activities that strengthen muscle and bone three times a week.

Adults (19-64 years old) should be getting at least 2 and a half hours vigourous intensity physical activity every day, and should aim to be active every day, and should include muscle strengthening activity twice a week.

We will promote this message through our website and staff intranet and will use the information provided through Change4Life to raise awareness. We will run a competition whereby staff are asked to report on their weekly physical activity and prizes will be made available for those who hit the target, and/or whose children hit the target. The results and prizes will be issued on a quarterly basis throughout 2014, with an overall winner for the year also being announced.

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