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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

Our catering company has made the following pledges to us when providing food in staff canteens and vending machines:We will seek to eliminate the use of artificial colourings and flavourings in our foodWe will provide a selection of organic and Fairtrade products within our contractsWherever possible, we will use UK sourced fruit and vegetableWe will actively work with our suppliers to increase awareness and the availability of sustainable products and packagingOur policy of minimal convenience foods naturally limits the evidence of additives within our menusOver 75% of our food is made and prepared on siteOur eggs are from cage-free hens.They have further confirmed that all products used are free from trans fats. The meals provided are responsibly sized and there is adequate provision of fruit and vegetables. Water is visible and freely available to all staff. We are now looking at the provision of any catering facilities across our depots to see if these also match the criteria set.

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