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H6. Staff Health Checks

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 21 May, 2012

As part of the Health and Wellbeing agenda and the Trust strategy it was agreed to undertake an annual wellbeing survey. Two have now been undertaken with similar results. The drive is to approach the Health and wellbeing of our staff from three points; Strategy and policyPhysical wellbeingEmotional wellbeing With this in mind it has been recognised that with the wide variety of roles, people and geographical area of the organisation means that it is important to offer different support and use all mediums to support our staff. One of the biggest requests from staff was to offer Health checks within the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service. These were first offered in February 2011. An open invitation was placed in the weekly communications email to all staff and communicated to Managers. The initial plan was to hold a series of sessions every couple of months. There was an overwhelming response to the first sessions and a waiting list was formed. Within two days there were over 300 staff expressing an interest It was then decided to run these sessions every Monday and Wednesday at Queens hospital initially. There were also requests from staff to hold these sessions at King George hospital to reduce time away from work for staff. These are now run equally on both sites.The appointments are 30 minutes long with an OH nurse advisor and cover cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, height weight, BMI and an opportunity to discuss any concerns. An evaluation is sent to staff with their blood test results so we can evaluate and monitor the outcomes. Urgent follow ups from the results are then undertaken by phone or booking of another appointment. These have been extremely popular and valuable to staff. The immeasurable facts are they create a feel good factor and allow staff to discuss issues or concerns in a safe environment. This also gives us a firm basis to support staff in their wellbeing and highlights the importance of caring for our staff. This in turn raises awareness and will have an impact on morale, absence and long term wellbeing of staff. There are some suggestions that will improve this service.Recording of outcomes on cohort (OH Management system) so the number of referrals can be reported.More information leaflets for attendees.Recalls being automatic after 2 years.Recalls for those referred onto their GP to be after 12 monthsTargeted approach to those staff who have not attended.

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