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A4. Tackling Under-Age Alcohol Sales

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 December, 2011

As the largest brewer in the UK, Molson Coors is not directly involved in the retail of alcohol however, we are passionate about doing everything we can through our customers and the trade bodies we work with to support the reduction and prevention of underage sales of alcohol.To that effect, from Board level down, Molson Coors is actively engaged in a number of initiatives to support this. For example, we are involved in both the Portman Group and Drinkaware, led by our CEO, Mark Hunter, who sits on the respective councils. We have committed to invest over £1 million over three years in direct funding for Drinkaware, in addition to the wide range of promotional and marketing support Drinkaware campaigns such as Why let good times go bad? receives from our brands. As a Portman Group member, it is incumbent on us to ensure none of our brands' marketing will appeal to children.Through our alcohol respect agenda, Molson Coors is also actively involved in supporting the best alcohol responsibility programmes for the on and off trades - Best Bar None and community alcohol partnerships. Both programmes include elements around preventing underage sales of alcohol and, in the case of community alcohol partnerships; it is also about tackling the consequences of underage drinking in local communities.

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