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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

16 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 October, 2014

As an acute provider of hospital services we have well tested processes in place for Domestic abuse. Members of the public will access via the 'front door' of our emergency department and will be signposted to the relevant agencies as appropriate. In similar vein, staff accessing our emergency services will be dealt with through the same process with the additional option of being signposted to our internal 'staff support' service within our Health Psychology department. At different times staff may access the HR department, staff support, line managers, Occupational Health and our Practice Development Manager and Safeguarding Lead for Unscheduled Care, all of whom may offer advice and signposting. Advice has also been provided to managers in the past on how they might manage staff with attendance problems with domestic abuse.

To assess and improve upon our current offering, a short life working group will be pulled together in December 2014 consisting of;
Employee Relations Manager
Director of HR&OD
Staff Side Chair
Practice Development Manager and Safeguarding Lead
Head of Health Psychology
Security Manager

This group will consider effectiveness of internal processes, policy development, awareness raising and education and will make recommendations to the Staff Health and Wellbeing Group in January 2015

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