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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 16 January, 2012

We will continue to:maintain and develop our relationship with our Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) to deliver a cost effective, supportive service for our employeesdevelop management capability to support health and wellbeing in the workplaceoffer consistent advice, guidance and support for managers of staff with mental health conditionsreview the reasons for contact to EAP to consider intervention strategiespromote health and wellbeing in all HSE HR policiesdiscuss absence levels and reasons for absence at HSE Senior Management Team meetingsinclude a section on employee health and well being within HSE reports and website review pan-government initiatives to ensure HSE embraces best practiceprovide input to pan-government initiatives to share best practiceWe plan to: develop a HSE health wellbeing portal develop a HSE health wellbeing statement work in partnership with our new Occupational Health supplier to deliver a cost effective, supportive service for our employeesconsistently review our organisations health surveillance programme to ensure our employees are suitably protected when delivering their roledevelop a communication strategy to support our people through a major programme of organisational change work with local Primary Care Trusts to access local health initiatives e.g. smoking cessation, healthy eating programmes

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