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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 March, 2012

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has a policy for commissioning lunches bought in for meetings. This is currently being updated to include guidance on commissioning catering for conferences and other events outside of the BDA office. As a small employer we do not provide in house catering nor is there any catering available within the building. We will inform members of the BDAs commitment to the Responsibility Deal and encourage and support our members to adopt the principles in influencing local catering practices in their workplaces and hospitals (staff canteens and vending) by providing information and toolkits to support this.We currently commission from a range of providers; we will provide detailed specifications for catering and work with these providers to enable them to offer similar menu choices for other customers. Meal numbers are accurately accessed by checking intended attendance at meetings. The guidance for specifying commissioning of hospitality for conferences will include appropriate portion sizes. Portion size is specified to include appropriate energy/portion (500 kcals) including at least two portions of fruit and vegetables and is base. The BDA policy on commissioning hospitality requires all sandwich meals to have at least one portion of vegetables and 1 portion of fruit per person. Future policy guidance -in development-for hot meals at conferences/events will require specification of 3 portions of fruit nad vegetables/portion/mealThe BDA will consider a fruit and veg scheme to encourage more snacking of fruit and veg for staff. Calorie and GDAs are not specified on menus for internal meetings. We will work with our catering providers to encourage them to provide calories on menus and to provide information on recipe modification to illustrate what changes have been included we will identify our members who work as freelance dietitians who are experienced in menu/recipe analysis and provide caterers with these contacts where appropriate. Water dispensers are available throughout the office for staff. Jugs of tap water are available at all meetings. Tap water is specified for all catered events. Commissioning healthier catering policy agreed by council March 2012 Training for all staff involved in commissioning hospitality end April 2012 All catering received is monitored against that ordered with feedback to catering providers on going. Members are aware of the BDAs policy on commissioning healthier hospitality annual update in dietetics today (members magazine) Satisfaction with catering will be part of routine evaluation of conferences and events. Minimum waste of catering after meetings - waste will be monitored and recorded to inform future catering specification.

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