Department for Work and Pensions

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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 August, 2011

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

DWP will meet this pledge as follows: -DWP's wellbeing programme - "Live Well, Work Well" - promotes physical activity as one of its key messages through on-site events, direct emails to staff and a wellbeing website. -all staff have access to a wide range of information and advice which includes activity and exercise plans through both "Live Well Work Well" and the employee assistance programme. -DWP has a network of wellbeing champions who promote physical activity, including physical activity in the workplace, through specific on-site events and activities such as "staircase challenges" and lunchtime walking groups -the DWP walking challenge encouraged staff to walk more during their working hours, for example by using the stairs rather than the lift, walking between meetings and taking a walk at lunchtime. -DWP is supporting the civil service physical activity challenge 2012 to encourage staff to become more active in the run up to the olympics.

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